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Real Estate Consulting Services
Strategic Planning
Based on both the long and short term goals of the client, we can assist in developing an overall strategy to accomplish our client’s operational and human resource objectives.
Macro-Location Analyses
For clients who have multiple city, state or national locations, we can conduct thorough studies such as analyzing employment, real estate, operational and demographic data and construction costs. State and local incentives are often negotiated in conjunction with this analysis.
Consolidation/Expansion Opportunities
It is important to analyze the consolidation/relocation scenarios and the associated costs/benefits. Many factors need to be investigated, including such items as rent, operating expenses, space efficiency, image, parking and other various factors.
Lease Consulting/Management
For the clients who have multiple locations we can provide or assist in implementing and managing a software database to maintain their portfolio more effectively and efficiently.
It is important to implement a well-coordinated and planned relocation or move so that minimal disruption occurs. We can use our expertise in this area to assist our clients.
Sublease/Disposition Opportunities
Should a client need to dispose of excess space, we can provide such services. Market surveys and strategies and value assessments are critical components of such a process.
Financial Consultation/Structuring
The financial structure and the potential for ownership takes an added importance, especially with large transactions. Our goal is to maximize value and minimize risk for the client.
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